What’s New?

I think this is my first ever response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge.  The instructions were to post a picture representing something “new”.

Duralast, which was also one of my nicknames in college.  Or was that "san serif"?

Duralast, which was also one of my nicknames in college. Or was that “sans serif”?

Today I had occasion to purchase and install one of these bad boys for my minivan.  Admitting to owning a minivan still sucks a little bit of the life out of my soul.  But who hasn’t been there before?  Everyone’s “car” battery dies from time to time.  It’s a first world problem, to be sure, but the trip to the auto parts store (this one rhymes with AutoZone) was not without it’s “new” experiences.

I watched as a 400 year-old man with a scraggly beard and a kind heart (and all of five teeth) tested my old battery.  He stood over the front end of my car, under the hood.  “Crank it,” he said with no hint of emotion.  As I was turning the ignition I pondered that the term “crank it” to him was simply a holdover from when he first started working on cars and they actually had to be cranked manually from the front with a giant rod.

I could write about all the “new” things I discovered today pertaining to this battery but this one’s just about the picture.  So use your imaginations, folks.

But without this battery, those travel adventures I wrote of yesterday might not take place and that’s part of a whole new “new” right there.

3 responses to “What’s New?

  1. You know, it was not too too long ago that the minivan was uberly cool compares to the station wagon. I would still have ours if we did not need to upgrade based on family growth 🙂

  2. Marc, believe me, I’m not complaining about the car per se. We traded in a fairly new GMC Acadia three and a half years ago for the minivan thinking we’d need more room. Unfortunately, the family didn’t grow the way we were hoping it would. The only problem with this mini is that it was poorly constructed. All things being equal, though, I’d rather be driving an SUV or a big old pick-up. This is Texas after all.

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