Pondering the Big What-If’s

truthandcharityPosted another column over at Truth & Charity this week.  I invite you all to take a look.  I’m particularly fond of this one since it’s very personal and since it involves one of my old friends, Dan.

Sometimes, due to our perversely fallen human nature, we weak men tend to misuse a great capacity that we’ve been given precisely as human beings.  That is, God has crafted our humanity with the ability to reflect.  To my knowledge no other creature on the planet can do this.  I’m not talking about self-recognition when staring in a mirror.  Apparently my Jack Russell Terrier might be able to spot himself in the looking glass, although the jury’s still out on that one since he also licks his nether regions after meals.  No, I mean that we have the ability to think back upon things that were and, in conjunction with the gift of reason, analyze past events.  This is a wonderful gift as it means that our memory is not just to be used in the service of our instinct.  I remember eating tomatoes once as a child and hating them.

In related news, I’ve started using these articles as fodder for my students to teach them particular spiritual lessons.  “Get into BlackBoard and check out the article I posted, kids.  You’ll love it and I hear the author’s a real stud.”  Hey, it’s not as if I didn’t write them.  Today, some of the boys in one of my classes looked at the two I’ve posted so far and said “Hey Mr. H, you seem to have a lot of women commenting on these.”  “Well, boys, Mr. H. is popular with the ladies,” I replied.  I didn’t tell them that the two comment-givers are my sister and a faithful blog reader from this page.


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