What’s a Sleep Study?

My daughter asked that question this morning.  “Daddy, what’s a sleep study?”  She asked because I advised her to be careful while circumnavigating the cords by my side of the bed this morning as she was in my room preparing to have her hair brushed as we got ready for mass.

“Daddy’s having a sleep study, sweetheart,” I said to her.  And then, responding to her query, I added “It’s to find out how smart my sleep is.”


In truth I have no idea how this thing is going to go.  I was told to use the unit for three consecutive nights and that most people aimed for Fri-Sun.  It was obvious to me this morning (Sunday) that somehow, on the previous two evenings, I must have made it half-way through the night and then, in my sleep (or not, I’m not really sure and that’s why I’m having this study conducted) I disconnected several of the ledes and stopped the machine from recording data.

The results ought to be fun.


4 responses to “What’s a Sleep Study?

  1. I didn’t know that there were “at-home” sleep studies – I always
    thought the person had to go to a sleep center to get their sleep studied. I guess it’s a “take-home” test….I bet they’ll figure out
    how those wires got disconnected. I also wonder if they can advise on the best kind of mattress for people with sleep problems? Very interesting – thanks for sharing information about this subject.

  2. It depends; if there’s a sleep study facility nearby that the doctor works with, usually they’ll send you there instead; otherwise they’ll give you the equipment and let you be on your way.

    As for taking it off in the middle of the night, happens to me all the time. Some mornings I wake up with the mask still on, sometimes I wake up and check the timer, and I wore it for a grand total of 0.7 hours.

    I did my studies around the corner from here because the doctor worked with a company that does sleep studies (which has since closed its location – thanks Obama!).

    When you start using your CPAP, they’ll monitor it with a cellular modem and an SD card that you’ll mail back after 90 days – if you don’t wear it for over four hours every night, your insurance company will call you and give you polite suggestions on how to keep it on. So that you don’t have to go through that, I’ll just say now – the key to keeping it on is to put it on and watch some TV with it on for a little bit before bed. They recommended around half an hour, but I’m OK with about 15 minutes or so. Your mileage may vary.

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