Studying Sleep

I’m supposed to begin a three-day, in-home sleep study tonight. But just like when you bring your car to the shop and the problem mysteriously goes away; guess who’s actually tired tonight? Good thing I have this device until next Wednesday.

In other news, I’ve been noticing something interesting about my children’s sleep lately. I have a pre-bed ritual that I always walk through every night. After I’ve gotten myself ready for slumber, I slip into the kids’ bedroom, give them each a kiss, trace a cross on their foreheads with my thumb (simultaneously checking for any sign of fever), and quietly turn a small reading lamp on before exiting the room. Wouldn’t want them to get scared…

I turned to my wife last night and remarked how different this was from my childhood. My dad used to come into the room after I was asleep and turn lights off so as not to waste electricity. To each dad his own, I suppose. However, as one who remembers waking up in the pitch black smoke of a house fire at the age of four, I’m siding with the kittens on this one.

The lamp in question…

And just in case, a nightlight.


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