Getting Back in the Game

It’s time, friends.  Or, considering the original purpose of this blog, I should say “It’s time, kids…”

What time is it?

Go me!  It's been one hell of a five year run with this little hobby.

Go me! It’s been one hell of a five year run with this little hobby.

It’s time for me to resume my life.  Five months and two days ago I had my second spinal fusion surgery.  And for three years leading up to that I sought non-surgical alternatives that were ultimately not for me.  I mention that last part because during those three years, although I blogged someone routinely (at times very routinely) I was not the man I used to be.  In fact, I wasn’t really the man I wanted to be.  To be certain, though, I was not fully the man I was called to be.  That is, I am a servant of Christ, a husband, a father, a teacher, and last of all, a chronicler of all these things.

Well, last Thursday morning I was discharged from my physical therapy.  Although I still have some surgical follow-ups for the next few months I am by and large past the most intense parts of my recovery.  I feel better than ever, if not a whole lot weaker from the whole experience.  You know what that means?


Yay!  In fact, there is still some lingering muscle ache here and there but the debilitating sciatic pain that was killing me before is gone.  So, prompted by a congratulatory comment on my blog from WordPress, I am ready to get back to more regular posting.  You might recall that over the past three years there were moments when I posted that I was done or giving up or whatever.  Yeah, those days are over.  I can’t give this up.  It’s too much fun.  And now that I have my life back (and I do think, better than ever) it’s time to tell you all about it.

Posting every day?  Probably not.  But I will be checking out the daily post prompts from time to time and posting about them just for fun.

So, if you’re keeping score…  Surgery: over.  Recovery: pretty much a done deal.  Back to work?  Done.  Also, I’m getting back to the gym and this time with a professional bodybuilder as my trainer.  This should be plenty of grist for the writing mill.

Stay tuned and thank you all for your continued prayers.

One response to “Getting Back in the Game

  1. Thanks be to God! And SO happy for you too. I guess now we can call you “renaissance” man. Truly re-born! Welcome back!

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