Galveston 2014: Day 9

Last full day at the beach!  Let’s make the most of it.

Me and the little big guy at the pool.

Me and the little big guy at the pool.

And we did just that.  We started with Sunday mass.  Then we returned, said goodbye to the parts of our crew who were driving out today, then we changed, and we went to the pool!  I love this pool for a very special reason.  For the record, it’s the Galveston Country Club’s pool that we were using.  Most of the rentals available through the company we use come with a membership to the club.  The reason I love this pool is three-fold.  First, it’s clean and not too crowded.  Second, they make a good drink.  But most importantly, this is the very first pool where my son made a splash.  He was all of 8 weeks-old on our first trip here and I remember like it was yesterday how we bathed him in sunscreen, covered him head to toe (ala a 1910 Coney Island bather), and cautiously held him in the water with us.  He loved it then and he still loves it now.  The only difference is that he knows how to swim now.  I never thought this day would come.  Weeping.  Weeping…  Just as I was about to start bawling the speakers piping in music started to blare with John Lennon’s Imagine.  Half the swimmers drowned.  Intentionally.

Anyway, we went home and spent the evening watching movies on TV including one on Lifetime where a woman who couldn’t carry children of her own befriended a pregnant woman and then stole her baby.  That’s some classic TV right there!


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