Galveston 2014: Day 7

Lazy Friday at the beach house.

Lazy Friday at the beach house.

I can hardly believe it’s been a week since we set out on this trip!  To celebrate, today was about as lazy a day as one could encounter.  Another trip to mass, this time to celebrate the feast of St. James, yet another trip to Walmart for something we forgot yesterday, and another drive back down the seawall to our home away from home.

Did I forget to mention something?  I sure did.  Remember that luau?  Yes, I’m talking about the one where some people had too much fun.  I should say the one where everyone had too much fun but some people had more fun than others.  Seems that at some point during that “event of epic proportions” a certain spouse of mine may have lost her phone.  Not good, considering she uses it constantly for work.  Well, today it turned up.  Thank the Lord!  That was the good news of the day.  Oh, there really wasn’t any bad news of the day.  We lolled about and finally set off for town around 6.  Dinner at Gaido’s (the famous seafood place) followed.

One of Galveston's many pleasant oddities - half streets.

One of Galveston’s many pleasant oddities – half streets.

We’ve been to this place before.  I’m no seafood fan but I certainly don’t mind their preparations.  The one thing I WILL NOT touch is shrimp.  It’s so gross.  I mean, it’s like there are these comma-shaped little aqueous cockroaches crawling along the bottom of some body of water and people are going “catch them for me!  I want to eat them!”  Not I.  Our waiter, a young fellow named Chris, approached the table.  He began to spout off a clearly scripted (though poorly memorized) spiel about the history of the place.  At one point he proudly proclaimed that by 1936 they were serving 1200 people a day in the long-since outgrown main dining room.  “Today we serve over 300,000 people a year!”  I took out my calculator and discovered that their numbers have declined by about 400 people a day.  Why would you want to advertise that?  No matter.  Tonight I decided to be bold.  I tried my luck with the golden tilefish covered in crab meat and served cooked in a white wine reduction.  By the end of the night I had occasion to go back and look up pictures from our meal at this place last year.  Sonofagun…  Turns out I wasn’t so bold after all.  Guess what I had that night?


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