Galveston 2014: Day 4

The morning started off like any other.  The exception today is that I could see the Gulf of Mexico from my bedroom window.  And that meant that today we would actually get to “go” to the beach.


Believe it or not, that's seaweed.

Believe it or not, that’s seaweed.

After changing, changing the kids, gathering up our worldly belongings, and double-checking that we hadn’t forgotten anything we began our trek over the dune.  And that’s when I heard someone call my name.  It was Mandy and she was looking for the keys to our car so she could move it.  We were blocking in Aunt Jane and Aunt Jane was in the middle of an asthma attack of epic proportions.  Being the medical junkie I am I dropped the beach umbrella and went back up to the house preparing to shuttle Aunt Jane into town and an urgent care center.  Within minutes we were driving back up into Galveston along the seawall.  We looked out to see shrimp boats trawling so close to the shore we could practically touch them.

One person at a time?  It's going to take a while...

One person at a time? It’s going to take a while…

Presently we found ourselves pulling up to the front of a building, the right-hand two-thirds of which was an emergency care center and the left-hand side of which was a Starbucks.  How convenient.  What really caught my eye, though, was the flashing electronic message board hovering over the parking lot.  The messages varied between “Fastest Care in Galveston”, “Rated #1 on the Island”, and “We Do Botox!”  Let’s back that one up a second.  You do what now?  I immediately considered the implications of that sign.  How many leather-tanned aging beach bums come running through the front door of this place yelling maniacally “I need Botox, RIGHT NOW!!!”  But for those who do, I bet they get stellar treatment, and fast too.



Oh Jane was just fine in the end.  She got a full work-up and a prescription while I got an iced coffee and some groceries across the street and then we headed home.  On the grocery front, I had been asked to pick up some basil.  This reminded me very much of my first trip to the A&P after I got married.  My wife had sent me for some avocados with which to make guacamole.  Being a city kid I did not know an avocado from a kiwi.  But, being a newly married man I could not let my wife know this fact.  I walked proudly into the produce section.  I found a sign above a bunch of green looking things that looked like smaller melons.  The sign said “Avocados”.  I picked some up, pretended to know how to examine them, and then purchased them.  When I got home my lovely wife looked through the bag and said “Why did you buy mangos?”  Today, I wasn’t going to make that mistake.  I took several pictures of varying herb-looking things and texted them to my wife.  I think I got it right.

It's a cruel trick of life.  Hit a certain age and you realize there's more hair on your chest than on your head.

It’s a cruel trick of life, son. Hit a certain age and you realize there’s more hair on your chest than on your head.

Finally home and out on the beach I encountered the most terrifically huge mounds of seaweed I’ve ever seen.  The sun was beating down so I wrapped my shirt around my head to protect my rapidly unprotected scalp.  After standing around for a few minutes I remembered why I’m not a beach person and headed back to the house.  Thinking I looked like Lawrence of Arabia, I entered the house.  And that’s when my sister-in-law pointed out that I actually resembled a taliban soldier.  And that’s about it for today.

One response to “Galveston 2014: Day 4

  1. That avocado/mango story is too funny!!!

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