Friday of Color

With only 187 shopping days left until Christmas, Harvey thought you might enjoy reading about Black Friday. I’m on semi-vacation while also feeling a burst of creative energy so just enjoy the post and shut your mouth. It’s my early Christmas gift to you.  Because having over 1600 posts under my belt means I can do that…

Harvey Millican: Raising Your Kids Without Lowering Your IQ

“They’re so f#!@ing stupid.  That’s why I hate them.”
“The damn deer.”
“Huh?  Just drive.  Oh, there’s another one.  Just drive slowly.”
“How stupid do you have to be to just jump out into traffic?”
“It’s 11:30 at night and we’re on a country road.  I’d hardly call this traffic.”
“I don’t care!  They’re on the Beltway at 7 in the morning.  Stupid dumbass deer.”

We were on our way to the “Outlets at Hershey” for what has become an annual tradition — Black Friday shopping.  In fact, we just do it for sport.  We actually finished our shopping a while ago.  By we I mean my wife — the same wife directing me past the hoards of herbiverous shits leaping with abandon onto the asphalt in front of me.

“See, I don’t get it.”
“What’s that”
“OK, take that one right there.  I’ve almost come to a complete…

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