Road Trip 2014 – The Journey Begins?

It is well after midnight Mountain Time and as I write this post I find myself sitting in an old rocking chair on the porch of an old lodge-type building at the ranch of one of my wife’s best friends, elevation 11,000 feet. It is cold but there is a beauty in the desolation surrounding me. Everyone else is asleep. I guess the air is just a bit too thin for me so I’m wide awake.

I had such big plans to write another series about our traveling adventures, kids, but lack of connectivity put a halt to that. Perhaps this will be one I just tell you about one day. Heck, you’re getting old enough now (and the two of you already have such an incredible memory) that you’ll probably remember this one better than me!

In any event I hope you look back and remember that your Mommy and Daddy loved you enough to bring you to such a beautiful place. I love you, my kittens! And I’m not just saying that because Father’s Day is on Sunday. Son, one day you might be blessed like I was and find yourself with a beautiful wife you don’t deserve and beautiful children you don’t deserve. You’ll ask yourself how it all happened. The only possible explanation will be the Divine Mercy of God. No, I treasure this gift of fatherhood. It’s just surreal to have a whole day to celebrate something you know in your heart was a pure gift to you (and one you often wonder whether you’re even any good at).

Promise me, both of you, that you will always give thanks to God for our beautiful family. If you have a thankful heart I might just think in the end that I’ve done something right.


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