My In-flight Style

After my adventure at the security checkpoint in Denver, I came across this post I wrote three years ago. I may not be the best judge of these things but when I cannot stop laughing at my own writing it’s probably pretty decent. Either way, enjoy!

Harvey Millican: Raising Your Kids Without Lowering Your IQ

Just came across an article on detailing the level of formality (or lack thereof) people choose to display when flying, particularly evident in their attire.

I can remember my dad, who was born in the 1930’s, always recalling how “in the old days” people didn’t dare attempt to board an airplane unless they were appropriately dressed.  It was as much a social thing as it was a matter of pride.  Apparently this meant men wore suits and ties, ladies wore a nice dress.  To him, people getting on planes in jeans, shorts, tee shirts, generally unkempt was an abomination.  I’ve been watching that new show Pan Am and I can see what he meant.  It must have been an incredible time to fly!

According to the article there are six basic in-flight styles ranging from the “ethnic adventurer” (whatever that is) to the “beleaguered parent” (which I have been…

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