This Will Be New

Sorry for the lack of posting lately…  Just know that my recovery continues and everything is progressing nicely.  Please continue to pray.

In just a few short hours I will be boarding a flight.  That’s right.  Though I am still disabled, my doctor cleared me for the relatively short flight home to the Fatherland (New Jersey) so that I could visit my mom after her recent heart surgery.  Don’t worry.  Other than the flight (which will be a lot of sitting) I’ll be doing everything there that I’ve been doing here for the past few weeks and months.  In other words, I’ll be resting.  I’ll just be doing it in a different state and in a different house.  Yes, there is the confirmation of two of my nieces to attend and I hope to visit a few friends; but I had already been cleared to drive.  According to my disability notes, though, I still need the availability to lie down during the day for short stretches.  Don’t see that being a problem where I’m going.

So why is this new?  I’ve flown before.  Granted, I’m not the globe-trotting jet-setter I’d always dreamed I’d be.  Other than Canada, I’ve only ever been to one foreign country, Ireland.  And I don’t ever need to travel for business like some of my friends (no jealousy there…).  I actually wouldn’t mind doing day trips to other cities for work.  There is one aspect I hate about travel like this.  I hate leaving my wife and kids behind for a few days.  But, I have flown many, many times before.  I flew before 9-11 and I’ve flown after.  I’m used to the whole removing my shoes thing and all that.  What will be new for me is traveling with a back brace, lots of pills, and another back brace that has a timer on it and emits an electro-magnetic pulse.  I called the airline earlier this week.  They assured me that the best thing to do was to put that second brace in my carry-on bag, wear the first brace, and asked to “wanded”.  I think that means the want me to volunteer to be groped.  Again, I hate leaving my wife behind.   Where was I?  Ah yes, the “wanding”.  Whatever.  I’m not sure how comfortable I’ll be at Love Field at 5AM having a complete stranger patting down what God gave me.  Perhaps the Valium will have kicked in by then.

That brings me to my final dilemma.  My motto has always been “no drink, no fly”.  Only problem?  I don’t drink while taking these painkillers.  So I guess I have all of three hours to determine whether to pop some painkillers in the morning before I leave or wait until I’m 30,000 feet in the air to pay through the nose for a gin and tonic at 7AM.  I think I’ll stick with the former.

Oh, and I should probably get some rest.

Say your prayers, friends.

2 responses to “This Will Be New

  1. Safe travels and happy landings, Harvey! Enjoy your visit!

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