Getting stoned with locals…REALLY???

I just came across this piece in my reader and found it very interesting (and worthy of sharing). Read and enjoy or don’t. It’s not my work. LOL. Props to Kenneth the Culture Monk for this post.

Culture Monk

pittsburgh 12

By Kenneth Justice

You give marijuana users a bad name!

~ A couple weeks ago I was back in my hometown and was sitting at coffee with a good friend of mine when an old acquaintance of ours stopped in, we hadn’t seen him in a long time,

What have you been up to dude?” we asked

Not much” he said

Though it was a mere two word answer, it turns out that it accurately encompassed what he’d been doing for the last year since I saw him last; not much at all.

Our acquaintance has an Undergraduate Degree in Liberal Arts and almost finished his Master’s Degree in education a few years ago, but dropped out because he got somewhat disillusioned with the college experience. He was working a steady job after he dropped out, but since I saw him last he…

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