Holding Hands with the One You Love

I love holding hands with my wife.  Without getting too personal, it was the first gesture of physical affection we ever showed each other after we met.  There’s just something about that act.  It is intimate and yet not repulsive to the rest of the onlooking world.  You can do it in public, for heaven’s sake!

Lately I’ve been noticing that I — yes I — have been failing my wife in this department (assuming she enjoys holding hands as much as I do.  I suppose it happens to every couple.  You grow older, you have kids…  Usually, my hands are full of toys or laundry or scribbled art work on construction paper.  Lately they’ve been holding onto a walker as I have been recovering from my second spinal fusion surgery.  I am happy to report that I have, for good, put my walker into storage.  I haven’t decided whether to donate it to the Vincent dePaul Society (or some other charity) or keep it as a reminder of how God uses events in our life to humble us and draw us closer to Him.

Nevertheless, yesterday afternoon my wife and I took our kids to the movies.  Mr. Peabody and Sherman, if you’re interested.  Decent flick.  As we sat there in the dark theater, I quite naturally and very unassumingly slipped my left hand under my wife’s arm and linked it with her hand.  This was nice.  It brought back so many memories or when our love was new.

And it lasted a grand total of three minutes.

She wants to hold my hand..

She wants to hold my hand..

Before I knew what was happening, our four year-old daughter had decided to slip out of her seat and climb onto Mommy’s lap.  This meant that my wife’s right arm was now wrapped around Baby Girl’s body.  “Oh well,” I thought.  “It was fun while it lasted.”

And then, as if she knew what was going on, my little baby girl — she who shares my birthday, my eyes, and my love of affectionate gestures (when she’s not being a psycho) — reached her tiny hand over in my direction, her eyes still locked on the big screen, and took my hand.

And if I didn’t already know it, I sure do now.  There is a God.  He just showed Himself to me by bringing full-circle a simple gesture that lead to love and sealed my hope in the future.

7 responses to “Holding Hands with the One You Love

  1. My husband gets a little jealous that the kids soak up all of my affection, but it makes us truly appreciate those little gestures that remind us of our love—even if they only last a couple minutes! Hope you get some alone time soon, and prayers for continued healing from your surgery!

  2. Such a sweet story! Congrats on leaving the walker behind, too!

  3. So sweet!! I’m so glad you linked up again! 🙂 Yes, my husband and I have similar experiences where we try when kids are around, but there are just so many of them, we frequently have our hands literally and figuratively full!! 🙂

  4. Hey! I came over from Manic Mondays and loved this post. Thanks for sharing it. I made sure to follow your social media too. =)

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