Getting Better and More Prayers

This weekend the Church celebrates the dual canonizations of  Popes John XXIII and John Paul the Great.

This reminds me of the need for greater prayer in my life and especially through their great intercession.  I loved John Paul II with all my heart.  Although Paul VI was still pope at the time of my birth and the 33 day pontificate of John Paul I intervened before I turned one, it was JPII alone that I remember from my childhood until the time I was 27.  I pray that he will pray for all of us and for me in particular.  His words “Be not afraid” often ring in my ears.  Pray for us!

In other news, I am getting better.  I have to remind myself not to overdo it.  But I gave up my walker a few days ago.  I think it’s for good.  Today I started stepping down off the painkillers.  I just wanted to see if I could go a little longer between pills.  I’m happy to report that I haven’t taken much today and, although I took a long walk this evening, only the muscles in my legs are a bit sore.  Nothing else from before the surgery bothers me.  My back is fine.  My sciatic nerve hasn’t been heard from in a while.  Praised be Jesus Christ and thank you to all of you for praying for me.  I ask you not to stop.  There is more recover, to be sure.  Remember, this recovery is supposed to go until the beginning of June and it’s only the end of April.  Say a prayer that I hear from the physical therapist soon.  I was told by the surgeon that they would put the order in and I should hear soon.  I’m supposed to go twice a week for six weeks and I’m eager to get it started.  In the meantime I have started wearing a new type of brace for two hours a day.  It emits an electro-magnetic pulse.  I don’t feel anything from it but it is a little weird in that it looks like a ticking time bomb.

No, my dear friends, this is such a beautiful time for me in my recovery and you and your prayers — all of you — have meant so much to me.  I needed to take a moment to acknowledge and thank you.  Particular thanks go to my wife and children, my mother and mother-in-law, all of my siblings and in-laws, my dear friend Dan, and my de facto prayer partner Annie.  And I thank above all the great Mother of God, Mary, Most Holy, for her intercession, St. Rita, Ven. Fulton Sheen, and many, many saints.  And even above all of them and truly pervading everything is Jesus Christ, the risen son of God who gives new life and is giving me a very new life.


2 responses to “Getting Better and More Prayers

  1. So happy that you are making good progress in your recovery!
    Divine Mercy Sunday this year will be a great celebration – may our
    two newly canonized saints intercede for a world that is in need
    of Christ’s infinite mercy.

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