Focus on Prayer – Plea for Prayers

Recovery is still going strong.

I’m feeling better by the day.

It might be in Italian or Spanish, but I bet he'd pray for me...

It might be in Italian or Spanish, but I bet he’d pray for me…

So what I need right now is a whole mess of prayers.  You see, I’ve been working on an online Master’s Degree in School Administration for the past two years.  I’m in my final quarter.  This is my second Master’s, by the way.  The first one was taken the old fashioned way — in a classroom with a notepad, pen, and exams.  Also, back then we had semesters.  The program I’m in now uses a quarter system.   Every ten weeks I’ve been taking two classes and earning six credits.  Well now I’m in my final quarter, taking three classes.  I’m at the end of week 2 and I’m finding myself more confused about the lessons than I’ve ever been.  Truth be told, I have a perfect 4.0 average.  By the grace of God, I should add, I have a perfect 4.0 average.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray that the remaining weeks prove stressless and the work proceeds quickly and that I keep that average.  I greatly appreciate it and even more so if you would spread the word and get others to pray as well.  I know it seems trivial.  But to me, this is so important.

Speaking of prayer, I managed to work in an extra fifteen minutes of prayer tonight!  Now that seems trivial.  But I was realizing tonight that I’ve been blessed with tons of free time thanks to my surgical recovery.  This is time that I should have been using to draw nearer to Our Blessed Lord during this holy season of Lent.   This is time that I have NOT been using wisely.  True, I’ve been recovering thanks to the extra prayers of everyone else.  But I’ve squandered a good portion of this time.  Lately, especially, I’ve felt the need to ask the intercession of my patron St. Rita and another favorite of mine, St. Joseph.

So tonight, after mass, I slipped into the Eucharistic chapel at the parish and prayed my St. Rita novena.  I prayed for so many things.  I prayed for the intention I asked all of you to pray for above.  I prayed for my wife and children, for peace in the homes of my loved ones, for my friend Dan and his family .  He requested some prayers but I would have done it anyway because he’s a good guy.

I’ve been thinking of the fact that it’s Holy Week.  I’ll try to write more about this later in the work.  As a lifelong Catholic, I am intimately familiar with the liturgies of Holy Week.  Especially during the Triduum — the three day, ongoing liturgy from Holy Thursday to the Solemn Easter Vigil on Saturday night.  It draws me in.  I always truly feel like I am present at the death of a friend who has given up His life for me.  Perhaps it’s because I am.  The raw emotion of entering a church on Good Friday to a bare altar and an open, empty tabernacle is something words cannot describe.  Stick with me, friends.  I promise I’ll try to capture it for you later in the week.

For now, though, please pray for me; not only for the schoolwork but for several very special intentions.  Dan knows what I’m talking about but to everyone else, they shall remain “special intentions”.  I love you all.

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