A Recovery Boost From My Students

Continuing the theme of updating you on my recovery I wanted to share a beautiful story about my morning.

I was meant to be on the big screen...

I was meant to be on the big screen…

Two days ago, the dean of students at the school where I teach (when I’m not on disability) tweeted me.  We tweet each other.  The kids think it’s hysterical.  These two “old guys” use Twitter.  Anyway he’s been so kind to check in on me, to see how I’m doing.  He uses technology in his classroom almost as much as I do.  Because he’s also a dean, he only teaches one class, a US History class.  But, because he teachers juniors (as do I) we have a great number of students in common.

This morning I woke up, got showered and dressed, and moved my laptop to the kitchen counter.  I made sure I had a nice backdrop behind me.  Why’d I do all this?  Well, within minutes my laptop “rang”.  It was my friend, the dean, FaceTime’ing me from his class.  And like that I was on the big SmartBoard projector in his classroom and he had turned his iPad around so I could see the class.  For the next twenty minutes I caught up with my kids.  I fielded questions about my recovery and how the past month has been.  Told them how I had missed them and listened as they told me pretty much the same thing.  It was so much fun.

So was my Terrier.

So was my Terrier.

And then, as if on cue, Buddy the Dog walked into the kitchen and hopped up on my lap.  You know what happened next.  I don’t think the dean ever got to finish teaching his class — a lesson on the Civil Rights Movement.  But I know about 25 people and one Jack Russell Terrier who really didn’t care.

And that, my friends, is how recovery is done.

Keep praying.  Pray for me, yes, but pray for the good men like my dean who set that up and for my students who miss me.  Pray for Buddy the Dog who, I am sure, had no idea he briefly became a Twitter sensation.  And pray for more good days like this.


One response to “A Recovery Boost From My Students

  1. It must be reassuring for your students to see that you are recovering from your surgery. Thanks for a happy and encouraging post!

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