I Know I Said It But…

Yes, I said I was going to be away from blogging for a bit.  But I have to take a moment and share a few things.

The first thing I need to share is just how happy I am!  Many things have happened over the past few days to really make me see that I have a wonderful life — beautiful, supportive family; good job; a home; faith.  If I have not expressed my delight in these things enough then I apologize but I think that every time I post something from now on it’s going to include a note of joy and thanksgiving.

Second, I checked my Twitter account — the one associated with this blog, not the one I use daily for my day job.  I was surprised to see that I have been added to a number of lists.  Lists, for those of you unfamiliar are groupings on Twitter created by users who wish to collect tweets  related to a particular topic for all to see.  It turns out that a number of people on Twitter like my blog and have added it to several lists of “top bloggers” and such.  Perhaps I had a following after all!

So what I’m saying is that I hope that, even in my temporary absence, the people who put me on those lists don’t forget about me; allow me a little slack to take some recovery time, time off as I had planned.  In the meantime, I pray everyone will be well and be as happy as I am.  And please keep praying for me and my recovery.  Thanks

God bless you all!


3 responses to “I Know I Said It But…

  1. If you would post from time to time an update on your progress in
    recovery, that would be really nice. Thanks!

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