Taco Tuesday!

When did this become a thing?

At the school where I previously taught in suburban DC we had Taco Thursday.  It was a “thing” there as well.  At my current school in Dallas it’s Taco Tuesday.  Everyone looks forward to it; except the kids who have the last lunch period.  For them it’s more of a “leftover crumbles of taco remnants” Tuesday.

Whatever day you enjoy your tacos, enjoy them with gusto.  I don’t even know what that means.

Oh, and here’s something cute (at least to me).  My son and I were at his school a few days ago for his violin lesson.  He pointed out to me a set of colored papers hanging on the wall.  “Look Daddy, these are some metal insets.”  Being the parent of Montessori-educated children I am well aware of the metal inset idea.  But that’s not the point.  I looked at it and spotted his right away.

“And yours is this one here, son?  In the…”

Both together: “Orange and blue, like the New York Mets!”

I love that boy.

Oh the fans are true to the orange and blue...

Oh the fans are true to the orange and blue…


2 responses to “Taco Tuesday!

  1. Good for you, Benedict!!!

  2. Because, even if they have the worst season ever, they are still the best team ever. Period. Good boy, Benny!

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