Wherein I Complain That I’m Not a Successful Blogger (Again)

Seriously, check him out.  He's pretty good.

Seriously, check him out. He’s pretty good.

I haven’t been down this road in a while.  I recently read a blog by a blogger I have really come to admire.  His name is Matt Walsh and I’m going to link to him.  I’m doing this because I believe we should all support each other in this crazy world of blogging.  Also, he’s a fellow Catholic and is right on (in my book) in his take on just about everything.  I use his posts frequently in class and my teenage students really like him as well.

So why the complaining?  I’ll just throw it out there.  He represents where I thought I might be at this point in my writing.  For the most part I’m pretty happy just writing for myself and my kids and then knowing that I have a handful of very loyal readers each day.  But I’ll admit it, there’s that part of me that wanted to get paid for this.  I think I’m good enough.  I know sometimes it’s forced because I overdo it and try the whole “posting every day” thing.  That’s OK.  I need to force myself to write as often as possible.  It keeps me sharp and helps me get things out there that I wouldn’t otherwise (like that post about the painkillers a few days ago).

Anyway, there’s nothing that can be done about it except for you all to share my blog with ALL of your friends.  If nothing else, a few more people will get to come into my world and that’s just fine with me.

Hey, maybe Walsh will see that and leave a comment.


3 responses to “Wherein I Complain That I’m Not a Successful Blogger (Again)

  1. Amen, brother. Walsh is very talented, but don’t let your own success be missed. You have hundreds of people who like your blog. I have less than ten of people (not tens, ten). Keep it up brother.


  2. Sometimes I feel like I am not successful either, but then remember I have only been blogging for a couple of months and I need to be patient.

    You’re doing great! Everything will come in time…

  3. I have a lot to say about this. Not sure if you WANT my opinion, but here it is anyway. 🙂 There are SO many bloggers out there that are talented and should have his kind of success. I’ve been blogging for 6 years. In the past year, very aggressively….I put in a lot of hours on it networking, and submitting things, and writing and still am not making that much money…I say that much because I have had two posts published and made a tiny amount from that. I think a lot of times, it’s just luck, honestly. And, writing about things that are controversial. If you read his blog regularly, you already know that 90% of what he writes is going to piss a lot of people off. I admire him because he isn’t afraid to just lay out what he thinks (I agree with most of what he writes for the most part too) but he writes in a way that almost begs people to argue with him. I’ve noticed that trend with Huffington Post too. They publish articles from bloggers and I think that the writing is sub par, but the articles are controversial. Bottom line, you probably ARE good enough, but it takes time, lots of work, and a lot of luck. I also work for a blogger that gets like 500 thousand views a day on her blog…crazy right? But, she basically had to turn it into a full-time job and now she has her first non-family employee (me). My advice is to just be you. And, not compare. And, keep writing!! But, since I’ve been blogging a long time, I find that it’s dangerous almost to compare to some bloggers that get a huge following like that quickly. It can zap the zeal for writing pretty quickly (I know from experience). I’m friends with LOTS of bloggers, and hardly any of them got that overnight success like he did. If you want to network more with other bloggers, shoot me an email, I’m part of a FB group that’s REALLY great. fakingpictureperfect@gmail.com There are lots of bloggers on there that are making an income, and they might share some insight with you. 🙂 Sorry for the novel here, I have lots more thoughts on this…so maybe I should write a post about it instead of filling up your blog with my opinion. Ha! Sorry about that.

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