Why I Hate Being Garrulous – In 1,000 Words Or More

This evening an acquaintance made reference to a fun fact about my personality. He mentioned that I “talk a lot”.  The two of you who actually read my blog know this already.  Let me jump right to the chase.

He didn’t say it to hurt; yet that’s what it does.

That's me!

That’s me!

This is a charge I’ve been met with before.  “You talk too much.”  Boy, I wish I didn’t.  Sometimes they try to blunt the dagger by phrasing it “you sure do have a lot of useless knowledge!”  Yeah, because that goes great with the color of my eyes.

I wonder if anyone gets that I just don’t know how not to talk so much…  When someone asks me a question I want to share what knowledge I have with that person.  And here’s a newsflash, the hydrocodone I’ve had to take for my back does not help matters.  Nope, it makes me talk like a cocaine addict.  There literally is nothing I can do.

If they think I’m not aware of it, they’re wrong.  Sometimes I catch myself going on and on, realizing the person I’m speaking with is only being polite.  It’s in these moments that I really start to feel bad and try to find a way out of the conversation.  But the problem is, if you give them what they want — if you shut yourself up — they jump on you as though you’re “trying to punish them”.  Strange, huh?

I actually had a friend reveal to me once that a mutual friend told her that I talked too much.  She somehow thought it was a good idea to inform me that this other person wanted to ask me a question she knew I would be able to answer.  Unfortunately, she wanted “the answer and not a forty minute explanation”.  I still carry that one with me.  And I don’t know why it’s so hard to let go of.  Anyway…

In an effort to be less verbose, I have decided to actually be less verbose.

This we going little trip.  Wife I driving.  Kids Granny aunt stay.  Fun.  Yourself.  Enough tired care.  Life.  Jealousy ugly.  Over it.  There.

3 responses to “Why I Hate Being Garrulous – In 1,000 Words Or More

  1. Well, if it’s any consolation, that makes two of us (according to
    my family, anyway….) I think they’re just jealous that people
    like us know how to use really neat words, like “verbose.”
    I also think that since my other entertainment skills are completely
    lacking, I try to make whatever I have to say informative, fun
    and entertaining. It takes too long? So sue me.

  2. I, for one, *love* your responses/information! you are a rock star. if someone can’t appreciate that, that is there problem. someone who talks too much is someone who is boring and you are not.

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