Hey! Where Did We Go?

This has been such a long day for me.

I literally got about 45 minutes of sleep last night… and that came in five minute increments.  I just could not sleep.  I had been promised* a snow day by a person at work in a position to deliver on such a promise.  Wordy?  Sorry.  Twitter was involved.  I ramped up my efforts to get my students on my side.  It was a glorious effort.

I always got a kick out of these smiley heads of pain-things.

I always got a kick out of these smiley heads of pain-things.

Have I mentioned that I’m two and a half weeks smoke free?  It was a twenty year ride people.  It’s not the easiest thing in the world and the fact that I ripped the patch off two days ago and said: “Pfft…  I don’t need this thing.”  Besides, it was making my heart race.  Couple that with a disgusting virus my daughter gave me and I was just a quivering mass of jelly.  BUT, I was jelly with no cigarettes.

Anyway, after getting to work, making some plans, catching up (for I had been out sick yesterday), and stopping to catch my breath as the pain started to catch up to me…  As I walked into my classroom I passed a dozen students (and teachers) in the halls who all said “Hey, at least you tried for us, Mr. H.”  That I had.

I got a text from my wife.  Without going into it, I needed to turn around and go home pretty quickly.  Thank God I have such wonderful colleagues.  I mean that.  I don’t know that any of them read my blog and that’s OK; but knowing that I could count on them to drop into my classroom like ninjas and that everything was going to be OK took a huge burden off of me.

And at this point I have to say, I don’t like missing work; but I have been trying to look on the bright side of things.  Truthfully, who couldn’t use an afternoon off here and there?  I say this especially since those days off give me a chance to get off my feet and with the pain I’ve been in lately that’s welcome relief.

By the way, this post is really fun to write.  I’m just sharing my perspective.  Also, I remembered that at least one of my colleagues does read this blog, albeit a few weeks after the fact.

So, once the debacle I came home to settle was settled, I had the joy of letting my wife and son rest.  You see, he caught the virus when I was done with it.  The wife?  Well, she’s just tired from taking care of us.  They napped (along with her mom, recovering from her mastectomy at our house) while Baby Girl and I got down on the floor and cleaned the kids’ bedroom.  That only took about an hour.

When that was done, I stopped to eat and then hunkered down to write my coursework for the week.  If you’re keeping score that’s 1 6-page response paper for school law (Court decisions relating to student freedoms) and 1 Literature review for an action research project.  I’m not keeping score so I don’t know where any of this is coming from.  Took me about an hour and then I slammed the books shut, grabbed a quick, hot shower, got into some comfortable loungewear, and sat down to watch Shark Tank with my wife.

So here’s my big question…

Where did everyone go?  I mean, I miss my Zero to Hero crew.  It was actually a fun gathering.  Yes?  I have to remind myself at least once a week to go through and touch base.  *In the meantime, I’ve got to learn not to trust deans of students who tweet snow closings.  Or maybe it’s just because we’re in Dallas and the whole idea of a “snow day” is risible beyond belief.  You be the judge.


One response to “Hey! Where Did We Go?

  1. We’ll gladly give you one or two of our snow days here in Philly,
    along with no electricity…five days of 42 degree weather –
    in the house…..
    Hope everybody is feeling better soon!

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