You know, the old standard incandescent Edison lightbulb?  The kind that go off over someone’s head when he gets an idea?  The kind that prompt bloggers like me to start off their posts with three sentence fragments?

I had an idea that requires a bit of feedback.  Thinking back to the Zero-to-Hero challenge I got the idea to try doing a weekly roundup.  The lightbulb went off but then I realized it was a dim bulb.  I think the idea is great.  I’m just not sure how to go about doing it.  Should I just run a post called “Roundup” or something similar and link to other bloggers?  That’s great for them but would anyone be interested in linking back to me?  Just putting it out there.

Here’s another idea I had…  There ought to be an app that activates a tablet of particular sleeping aid to dissolve in a unit housed inside the air conditioning ductwork in one’s children’s bedroom.

Those were just two of the lightbulb moments I had tonight.  In fact, they are the only two ideas I had.  In fact, I’m not sure why I wrote this post since one of those ideas may not pan out and the other was just plain wrong (and potentially illegal).

Join me tomorrow when I discuss what to do with your kids when they want to stay up and watch TV and you don’t.  Perhaps I’ll post that sooner…

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