Family Game Night

Found a new way to entertain the kittens.

It’s a fun little game called Headbanz.  The pictures should explain it all.

IMG_2371 IMG_2376

We borrowed the game from my brother-in-law who’s children had “misplaced” the instructions.  What we divined was that these blue bands (or banz as they appear to be called) should be strapped around one’s head.  Buddy, our Jack Russell Terrier, also wanted to join in the fun.  It appeared that the cards — all of which have grotesque pictures of elementary figures — should be inserted into the slots on the banz.  At that point it was anybody’s guess.  We played a round where the kids asked questions trying to get the other players to “inform” them as to what was on their heads.  We played a round where the players simply described the figures on the cards without giving it away.  We played a round where an article of clothing was removed for each wrong guess.  There was even a fun experiment where Daddy got to take half a hydrocodone for each time the kids shouted out “It’s a dinosaur!” when it wasn’t a dinosaur.  By the end of our fifteen minute game, the kids were bored, Daddy was passed out naked on the bathroom floor, and Buddy had run away from home.

A good time was had by all.


One response to “Family Game Night

  1. You both look great in blue bandz! You look like a TV doctor,
    and buddy looks like Jack Russell royalty….sounds like a very
    good time was had by all!

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