¡Snow Kills!

We are not impressed with this snowfall.

We are not impressed with this snowfall.

Welcome to North Texas!  I’m a Jersey boy so snow is sort of familiar territory to me.  It still surprises me when it snows here in Texas.  No one is prepared for it.  At the high school where I teach, everyone arrived for a typical Thursday.  The snow started falling around the time of the first bell.  Good luck trying to teach after that.  But I did a decent job.  I simply gave up!  In all seriousness, I stood in the hall as kids were passing by on their way to class shouting out “Don’t forget to tweet your snow pictures to the Dean of Students with the hashtag #sendushomeearly!”  Then, I spent the whole 90 minutes of my first period doing just that.  Hey, if you can’t adjust your lessons once in a while, when can you?  The kids got a kick out of it.  And, I managed to convince the Dean of Students to go into the principal with this crazy idea that the inch of snow on the ground meant we should dismiss early.  Guess who was high school hero today?

My lunch appears to have been packed by a group of Russian nesting dolls.

My lunch appears to have been packed by a group of Russian nesting dolls.

In the meantime, they kept us just long enough to count it as a full school day.  This meant I got to enjoy lunch.  Today’s fare was something my wife made for dinner a couple of nights ago.  It was a chicken chili and it was quite tasty.  However, the remnants from dinner were just a bit too much to fit into the small Tupperware my wife packed it in.  My makeshift solution?  Check out the picture.  Glad I ate before I left because it took me and Zippy (my colleague and friend who hitched a ride) two hours to make a thirty minute commute.

By the way, since I know he’s reading this (but probably three weeks after I’ve posted it) I just wanted to say once again how thankful I am to have a friend like Zippy.  Although I’m positive he’d probably rather not have to put up with me dropping by his classroom when I’m bored (which is often) and talking his ear off (because I do that) and all the other things about me that I would call quirks and others would call annoyances; I really enjoy just having another guy I can relate to.  Did I mention the fact that he’s also a decent family man, a good teacher, and all-around good guy?  Yes, I really lucked out this year.  It’s nice not to be the only man in my department anymore.  It’s really nice that I actually like the dude who filled the position.

Baby Girl is not impressed with her awesome daddy.

Baby Girl is not impressed with her awesome daddy.

After returning home almost as late as I would have without an early dismissal I attempted to nap for a bit.  My painkillers are playing havoc with my sleep cycle. I have to be awake at work so that’s not an issue and I sometimes can’t sleep at night so I try to take it where I can get it.  Let’s just say that my mid-afternoon slumber was not productive.  Mrs. Harvey beat me to it.  She was napping when I got home which meant the kittens needed me to keep a watchful eye on them.  You see, Mrs. Harvey didn’t get home from the hospital until very early this morning.  The good news is that her mom, Wilma, is doing very well.  The surgery was a success and she should be coming home soon!  Praised be Jesus Christ!  May He be forever praised!  Meanwhile, I went to mass to give thanks.  I tried to tell my daughter all about my day.  She was not impressed as the picture clearly shows.  Her brother didn’t even bother.  He went to bed.

Buddy is not impressed with this story.

Buddy is not impressed with this story.

Ultimately, I played another exciting round of Tweet the Dean and managed to give a pretty compelling argument.  I’m not saying I had anything to do with it; but guess who has another day off tomorrow?!  And again, guess who’s the hero of the high school.  I really wish I had been this popular when I was a teenager.  These kids were tweeting me asking me to come through for them with another snow day (as if I really had anything to do with it).  “You were clutch once already today Mr. H.  #studlyteacher” they said.  Aw…  Go on.  No, really, go on.  I like this.  In my excitement, and knowing that Baby Girl already expressed her disgust for my story, I turned to the only living creature in my house whom I hadn’t completely bored with my story.  He was even less impressed than my daughter.  And they call him “man’s best friend”…


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