A Post-Z2H Goal For Me (Maybe You Too?)

In the closing “remarks” of the Zero to Hero challenge (no sense linking back to that page now) the author(s) mentioned that those of us who participated might think of establishing a posting goal for ourselves.  I like that idea.  I thought long and hard about this.  OK, actually I gave this almost no thought at all.  Regardless, I have decided that, although I may still post on a regular basis — even daily in many cases — my ultimate goal is going to be posting at least once a week.  So, I’m setting a reminder on my phone.  If I get to Thursday night at around 11PM CT and I haven’t posted anything for the week; then I shall post a story.  I might take it from the Daily Post’s prompt for the day; but I’m going to post something.

Have any of you thought of setting a similar goal?  I think this one is realistic for me.  As I have mentioned before, I went from July -December 2010 with around 30 posts.  For all of 2011 I posted nearly every day.  In 2012 I did post every day. In 2013 I fell off the wagon a bit and got seriously depressed about it.  I almost even swore off blogging for good.  So with all of that in mind I think I can swing posting just once a week.

Now before I get crazy and start running away from my own goal I would also love to link to other blogs and even host my own link-in like my good friend at Perfection Pending does every Monday.  Shout out to her since she graciously posted a piece of mine recently.  That’s where I got the idea.  Coincidentally, it looks like the weekly feature thing is leaning towards something specifically about the kiddos.  That shouldn’t be too hard.  I just a name for it.  How about Harvey’s Kittens Thursday’s, or Offspring Tuesday’s, or my favorite Journey of a Sperm Five Years On?  I suppose that one would have to be more biological in nature.  We shall see.


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