Going Back Over With “Z2H”

Z2H is winding down (I think).  Here’s tonight’s challenge.

Pick your favorite of all the tasks we’ve done so far, and revisit it. How can you continue to grow? (Bonus: revisit a post that’s been on your mind, and make the edits you’ve been thinking about.)

This is tough because I’ve really enjoyed most of the assignments.  I’ve enjoyed them not because they’ve taken me from zero to hero…  I never thought of myself as a zero.  But in terms of my readership (as expressed in my stats) I certainly wasn’t a hero.  And after this month, I’m still not a hero.  But what I have enjoyed is the general tune-up my blog has received in these daily challenges.

Tonight, I posted a video from my Instagram feed.  That was before I even saw the challenge for tonight.  And right there is one of the things I like about having been part of this whole Z2H thing.  I learned how to upload Instagram videos!  And I used that knowledge tonight simply because I had it (the knowledge).  Cool, huh?  I think so.

Nifty mascot, huh?

Nifty mascot, huh?  This was one of Wade’s “innovations” thanks to Z2H.

Something else I’m grateful for…  I sat down at my laptop earlier and opened WordPress only to see my name highlighted in someone else’s blog on my reader.  I read “…and I am very grateful that my good friend Harvey…”  The post was my from my good friend Wade at his most awesome blog This Ordinary Citizen.  Thanks to Z2H, Wade has been showcasing his writing talents more of late.  And we both realized that we’ve encountered new blogs and bloggers to follow.  Don’t forget about comment-leaving!  I’ve been having a ball actually leaving comments with more frequency and I’ve been blessed to have some of the same bloggers leave comments for me.

So all in all, wonderful things abound at the end of this first month of 2014 because of Zero to Hero.  I hope things have been going as well for you as well!

5 responses to “Going Back Over With “Z2H”

  1. We are going to have to perhaps extend the zth to longer than a month.

  2. It’s nice to meet you Harvey. I found you by jumping over from Wade’s blog after WordPress told me that he was referring others to my site. While the connection may have taken some doing, yours appears to be a blog that I will really enjoy.

    I’ll have to check out the whole zero to hero thing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am sorry to see that zero-to-hero is ending also, I met some very nice bloggers and my site got a nice makeover too.

    Ill make sure I keep up-to-date with you.

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