Notice Anything Different?

Wade, Debbi, Annie, Mrs. Harvey?  I added something to the page.  Let me know if you spot it and if it makes any sense placed where it is.  Other readers, feel free to chime in please!


6 responses to “Notice Anything Different?

  1. I give up – haven’t a clue. So if I can’t find it, what am I missing?
    (If there’s a prize for finding it, I’ll keep looking. Otherwise….just
    point out what I’m not noticing. Gee, I guess I’d better not bother applying for a job as a detective.) 🙂

  2. Cast of Characters? I likes it!

    I don’t suppose the widget you’re using gives you the opportunity to bold or italicize the names of each of the characters? Just a thought…

  3. Thank you, Wade Abbott! I was looking for something that wasn’t
    there yesterday……now I can sleep tonight! 🙂
    I like the teaser “More to come.”

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