Blogroll, Please…

Did you like my punny title?  Hehe…

Day 13, which I promised to get back to (catching up) was:

Today’s Assignment: Create, edit, or expand your blogroll.

Funny, but I actually just edited and expanded my blogroll the night before last!  Go me!  I’ll be adding to it in the coming days.  It’s a feature of my blog that I haven’t utilized much in the past but intend to more moving forward.

Now for day 14…

Today we Z2H’ers are asked to make a choice, a “blogger’s choice”!  I guess the folks at the Daily Post needed a day off.  We can either make three more random comments or read ten to fifteen minutes worth of our reader.  You know what?  I actually agree with the premise here.  I know it’s only right and just to comment since I always desire comments.  Will my commenting mean that others will drop them into my blog?  No.  But; it couldn’t hurt to follow the golden rule — doing unto others what we would have them do unto us.  Also, lately I have been spending more time in the reader.

Now here’s where it would be super-awesome if someone from WordPress would take notice and maybe answer my query.  I love the convenience of the reader in my mobile WP app.  However, it seems that when people read my blog from the reader in the app I don’t get the count in my stats because they didn’t actually visit my site.  Any way we could fix that?  Just a question…

Finally we get this.

Today is also a great day to head to the forum thread for some broader conversation about how your month is going, what you’re enjoying, and where you still feel unsure.

I still feel unsure about how Christina Aguilera has had such a successful career.  Can you help me out with that one?  Didn’t think so.

4 responses to “Blogroll, Please…

  1. Well, at least you asked the Aguilera question in this forum instead of the forum thread. Have you noticed some of the off-the-wall questions over there? Seems pretty straightforward, and yet…

    I actually like Christina, but more so since I’ve been watching The Voice. Before that, not so much; but now she seems more human at least. Also, my BFF — who knows these things you know — has always professed that Christina’s voice was the better voice of her generation… so, there’s that.

    I’m off to reinvigorate my own blog roll. :>

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  3. Hey. Where am I?4%

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