Following Up on Comments and Taking Baby Steps with Pain

From Zero to Hero:

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

So yesterday I stumbled upon a blog called Eliza Thinks Allowed.  The proprietress (I like that word) blogged about how she was enjoying the Z2H challenge and was in the process of catching up on the assignments.

Now here’s my follow up.  First, I was happy to see that I’m not the only one who plays “catch-up” with his blog.  Just the title drew me to the post because I felt a kindred writing spirit.  Ooh…  Someone else does that too?  Second, I was struck by Eliza’s honesty.  I appreciate an open admission that, hey, we’re all human.  The Z2H challenge is a great idea and fortunately the rules don’t demand that we post every single day.  That’s one reason I really like this one.  And yet, I have found that, possibly due to the exciting nature of the challenge, I am posting every day!  When I was trying to post every day (cf: the Postaday Challenges) there were times when I would drop off the grid for a week or two and then frantically write a bung of posts, backdate them, and post.  I always tried to work in a funny angle mentioning “time travel” or something of that nature.  Eliza just came out and said it.  “I’m catching up.”  Good job.  Thanks for the post.  It made my day!

As a Giants fan, this place was torture.

As a Giants fan, this place was torture.  But the coffee was delicious.

Now then, I went for my MRI today.  I was surprised when I arrived at the imaging center that it was located on the campus of the Dallas Cowboys Headquarters and Training Facility.  Apparently this is the place where the players get “imaged” after injuries on the field.  It was actually quite interesting.  Beautiful facility.

  • I was happy to find Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (in complimentary Cowboys’ themed cups).
  • I was not happy to find a $500 co-pay.
  • I was happy to see an open MRI machine.  I had not brought any Valium.
  • I was not happy to have contrasting dye injected into my vein
Damn blue star...  But the coffee was still delicious.

Damn blue star… But the coffee was still delicious.

All in all, it was a not-entirely-unpleasent experience.  Should get the results tomorrow.  Afterward I went home, got changed, and hit the gym.  Creepy-lurker wasn’t there tonight; but I went at the wrong time.  I made the mistake of going at the time when every member of this gym decided to work out all at once!  Still, after 20 minutes on the bike I felt a sense of accomplishment.  I had done something rather than nothing.  And this made me think of Eliza and her post about catching up.  She was doing something.  Catching up, now matter how mundane, is doing something.  Even if we only write one word, it is one word more than we had written before.  And that, my friends, is something.

And FYI, after hitting “Publish” I couldn’t help but go back in time and change the date to reflect that I have indeed written every day of 2014.  It’s not as if I didn’t start this post before midnight…


3 responses to “Following Up on Comments and Taking Baby Steps with Pain

  1. I very much enjoyed how you started out w/Z2H, included your day, and brought it back to Z2H. Well done.

    Rumours have it that the West Coast will soon be swimming with Dunkin Donuts… they’re really that good? :>

  2. “Damn blue star…” – LOL!! AmenQ

  3. Today, I’m “catching up” on reading and commenting on the blogs I follow. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    Side note… I’m not sure I could take a sip from a cup with a Cowboy’s logo on it.

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