Random Comments, Kids on the Mend, and Impending Doom

Creepers abound apparently and yours truly was oblivious.

Creepers abound apparently and yours truly was oblivious.

I completed the Zero to Hero challenge for today, which was to leave comments on three new blogs.  Done.  Check.  Felt a bit like a stalker but it’s cool.  And who know?  Maybe those three fabulous people will give ol’ Harvey a look-see in return.  I don’t mind being gawked at.  In fact at the gym tonight there was a total creeper in the locker room just staring at me.  Clearly it wasn’t because of my amazing six pack.  But you know what?  I’m a pretty open guy and not an exhibitionist at all.  Why would you even think that?  No, this dude just stared from across the shower with his mouth agape.  Perhaps he was suffering from a neurological disorder.  I need to be kind and not judge.  And it is just dawning on me that he was checking me out.  Wow.  How’d I miss that one?  OK, then, if you’re going to leave a comment on my blog try not to be that creepy guy.  Thanks!

The kids are doing better.  It’s still a struggle to get Baby Girl to take her antibiotic but the situation’s improving.  Either way, she’s only got 18 more doses so that shouldn’t be hellish at all.

I’m going to be observed at work sometime this week.  I’m a teacher, remember? I’m giving a test (that I still have to write).  I hate being observed ever since that gym shower incident of thirty seconds ago.  I know Wade at This Ordinary Citizen is spitting something out at his screen right about now.  Anyway, that’s not the worst of it.  I have to post to a few discussion boards for my online classes.  OK, that’s a piece of cake for me.  I love writing, remember?  But tomorrow I have to go for an MRI, trying to get the root of my recent bout of back pain.  Please say many, many prayers for me.  There’s nothing I love more than being entombed in a giant machine with a jackhammer piped into my eardrums for 45 minutes.

Afterwards, when it’s all done…  Perhaps I’ll head back to the gym.  If I don’t feel good about myself because of the workout, I’ll surely feel great in the locker room.  Stop staring at me!

4 responses to “Random Comments, Kids on the Mend, and Impending Doom

  1. Why is it that I almost always have to wipe the spittle off my screen when I read your blog? You’d think that I’d learn not to drink a soda while reading it.

    Glad to hear that everybody’s doing better, and I hope that your MRI goes well.

  2. (This doesn’t count as a Day 11 random comment cuz I’ve already commented on previous posts by you, although it will in fact be a random comment. ;>)

    I had a wandering thought: if you are an “anonymous” blogger, how do you get away with posting pics of yourself and the kiddos? (Well, pics that I assume are of you and the kiddos.) Does NO ONE in your school community read? I mean, read your blog?


    • Good point. Well, I’m only anonymous insofar as I don’t use real names. Or at least I started not using real names over the past few years. If you go back and read some of my original posts you’ll see my wife’s name as well as my kids’. But, without a connection to my name it’s kind of hard for, say, students to find my blog. If they do, it’s not the end of the world.

  3. I gotcha now… I too used my family’s actual names in earlier posts and now they all have code names, but since I link to my business fb page, I am clearly not anonymous — although I’d certainly like to be sometimes! :>

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