Widget Time!

Zero to Hero suggests we add some widgets.


I like the idea of adding an Instagram widget but I’m not sure I want to meld that much of my personal life into my blog.  Huh?  Wait a second.  Well, anyway, I’m not sure all of my Instagram pics would make sense on the sidebar of my blog.

So I’m adding the “Posts I Like” and “Top Posts and Pages” widgets.  In addition, I’m removing my “Badges of Blogs I Like” widget which was really just a series of  image widgets showing pictures associated with several of my favorite blogs.  But, since I already have a Blogroll (which also needs to be updated), I figured the “badges” thing could go away.

As always, let me know your thoughts.  Is my rights side too heavy compared to my left?  I’m always worried that the whole thing looks too busy.


2 responses to “Widget Time!

  1. I like widgets but have a tendency to add too many. So yesterday I didn’t add any, I just worked a little with the ones I already had. I do like the “Post I like” widget because I am on it. Maybe I will add one to my sidebar.

  2. I like your widgets. I’m considering replacing my archives widget with the posts by date widget you’ve got. (Assuming that I can.)

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