She Doesn’t Read It!

Tonight, friends, I am hurt.  OK, on one level I’m actually hurt.  As in, I’m in pain.  My dear wife is sick with strep throat.  I’m on antibiotics as a precaution since I’m in fairly close contact with her.  But I’m also in physical pain.  It’s the same old spinal fusion/back/hips/leg/sciatica deal.  I saw the doctor today and we set a new course.  Unfortunately, the chiropractic is not as effective as it had been.  I’m going for an MRI next week and we’ll discuss surgical options.  I understand they’re not nearly as bad as they were 13 years ago.  Still, the thought of going under the knife again is a bit scary.  So before I forget, say some prayers for me, please?

In an effort to take my mind off the pain, tonight I tried to blog.  Didn’t have to look to far for a topic.  A new blog I’ve been following (discovered him through the Zero to Hero Challenge) awarded me with a blog award!  I know these things are probably insignificant to non-bloggers but to be awarded by fellow writers really is an honor to me.  He was so kind in his description of my blog as well.  I am happy.  As per custom, the awardee is to thank the awarder, list a few things about himself, then “give” the award to another few bloggers and keep the cycle going.

My wife suggested the blog of a friend of ours who is living in Ireland with her family for the year.  “I read it every day,” she said to me.  “I don’t think you even read my blog every day,” I replied.  “Yeah,” she said, “your’s is all philosophical.” I can’t believe she said that!  When has my blog ever been philosophical?  I write it for her and the kids!  I’m going to chalk it up to the strep.  Clearly, though, I’ve lost some of whatever touch I used to have if I can’t even get the woman who married me to read this stuff.  No wonder my stats have dropped.  The shame of it all!  I won’t be able to show my face around my house again.

But I still love her.  Perhaps my kittens will one day read all their daddy had to write and thank me.  Otherwise I’ll have filled volumes of non-existent cyber books with musings about people who could care less.  Perhaps a picture of a kitten is in order.  That always makes me feel better.

Until next time, Harvey fans (and Mrs. Harvey)…

kitten 2

3 responses to “She Doesn’t Read It!

  1. I DO ReAD IT! Don’t tell lies harvey

  2. I don’t think my wife reads my blog very often.

    On the other hand, she does have to listen to my rambling and ranting far too often.

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