More Blogs to Follow?

Tonight’s Zero to Hero Challenge is to find five more blogs and topics to follow.

Yeah…  That’s not going to happen.  Let me tell you about my day.

At 3:30 this morning I had a dream.  Never mind how I knew it was 3:30.  I’ll get to that later.  In this dream I could hear my 4 year-old daughter crying “Daddy!  Help!” over and over again.  I could hear her but I could not see her.  It was terrifying and devastating all at once.  I woke up from this dream, looked and my clock, and was about to go back to sleep when I realized that my 4 year-old daughter was in fact crying “Daddy!  Help!” from her bedroom next door.  She had been having a nightmare.  I brought her into my bed.  My wife was asleep in the guest room, still under the impression that this was the best way to avoid spreading her strep throat to the rest of us.  As I mentioned to my doctor when I went in for a pre-emptive strike yesterday “We’re married.  I don’t know how much closer contact we can get.”  He agreed.  I’m already on an antibiotic.

Waiting for the strep results.  Glad she's a "brave" girl.

Waiting for the strep results. Glad she’s a “brave” girl.

At about 5 AM I woke up again.  This time it was to the also-terrifying sound of my 5 year-old son crying (literally crying) in the saddest voice ever “Daddy…  Please wake up!”  I woke up and felt his head.  He was burning up.  What’s worse, I felt awful that my baby boy was so pathetically trying to wake me up.  I wonder how long was was trying.  Anyway, I jumped out of bed, ran for the Motrin, dosed my little guy, and we all went happily back to sleep.

Flash forward to about 10AM.  I woke up to find that my wife had sent our daughter to school and my son was still in bed.  I called the pediatrician and got a 1:15 appointment..  However, by the time his appointment neared, his fever was returning and he was not a happy young man.  My wife and I had to struggle to get him in the car.  But I got him to the doctor where I made him laugh with the medical devices in the exam room.  He tested positive for strep (no surprise there), they gave him a dose of Motrin for his fever, a lollipop, and sent us on our way.  We stopped for lunch and then to get his sister from school.  His sister promptly informed me that she wasn’t feeling well.

After dropping the boy off at home and trying and failing to reach the doctor’s office on the phone (in the hopes that they’d just call in a script for her as well) I headed back across town to the office where we went through the whole drill again.  The only difference is that she’s a much better patient.

I dropped her back at home and insured that Mommy, son, and daughter were all safe and resting then I headed off to confession and mass.  Afterwards I stopped at the pharmacy.  Should I go on?  It’s about to get crazy.  I’ll try to summarize.  The pharmacy told me that they didn’t have insurance info on file for my daughter so I had to run home to get the card.  Then they said the doctor had failed to write a dosage on the script for my son.  I called the service who informed me through an automated voice that I would be billed $25 just for the call.  An hour later, as the pharmacy was closing, the service called back to inform me that the doctor doesn’t usually return calls that are “just about prescriptions”.  Steaming, I looked at the pharmacist (who had been incredibly kind and helpful) and said “Tell you what…  to hell with the doctor.  I’m just going to give him my daughter’s antibiotics and we’ll straighten it out tomorrow.”  An hour after getting home the doctor finally called back.  “Between you and me,” he said, “the pharmacist should have known what to put.”  I wanted to reply “Between you and me, the pharmacist shouldn’t open himself up to a lawsuit because you’re office is staffed by morons.”

By the time I woke the kittens up at midnight to bring their fevers down again (love that Motrin) they had both slept just long enough to insure they weren’t going to be tired again until about 6AM.  And guess who got to stay up with them?  I really do love my kids and love being able to take care of them.  Sure, I have some school work to tend to and lesson plans to write, the house could stand some cleaning, Wilma’s dog might need to go for a walk one of these days…  Where was I?  Ah yes, the kids.  It’s lonely when everyone else is sick and you’re not.  I just hope and pray that at least one of them gets better soon enough to sit and watch some TV with me so I don’t start talking to myself.


5 responses to “More Blogs to Follow?

  1. Hope everybody is feeling better soon! And sweet dreams for all!

  2. I well remember those days… Glad you have a good perspective on it all. Best wishes for everyone’s speedy recovery… and that it doesn’t hit you as well. :>

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