Something New…

Today’s Zero to Hero assignment is:

Publish a post that includes a new-to-you element.

For this task, I’m going to try to embed a photo from Instagram!  Yay!

As you know, my kids got scooters this Christmas…

And as proof of what a brilliant idea this was, here’s Sonny Boy in sub-freezing weather (odd for Texas) enjoying his go ’round the driveway obstacle course.

I suppose the nice thing here is that any of you can now follow my Instagram.

This was neat.  Glad I did it.  And… I sort of just discovered a backdoor around posting video to WordPress.  Just do it through Instagram.  I never really liked uploading to Youtube and then pasting the URL; and I’m not quite at the point of paying for the premium membership yet.


3 responses to “Something New…

  1. I haven’t gotten around to joining instagram just yet..

    I remember getting my kids scooters. I think I had more fun in the basement with it than they did. You should try it out!

    See you around!

  2. Very cool video. Pun intended. (I almost always intend my puns.)

    We could provide you with some even colder temps if you’d like. 🙂

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