Simply the Best, Or, Harvey Thinks

First, let’s address the Zero to Hero thing and how that’s going.  I’m having a ball!  That being said, today is a “non-writing day” according to the site.  This is the challenge, though, in case you’re interested.

Today’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you have. Include at least one you would never think of using.

My current theme is called Coraline.  It’s free (not a premium theme) and it suits my needs so well that after I abandoned it for a year and a half in favor of another theme (can’t even recall the name of that one) I switched right back to good ol’ Coraline.  I guess staying true to the challenge would require me to try out at least one or two more.

My biggest regret in the many (mostly awesome) changes to WordPress and the whole interface over the past four years, though, has been the discontinuation of a feature called Onswipe.  Any other bloggers find this one to be particularly “cool”?  If you don’t know, it was a plug-in (or whatever they called it) that gave one’s blog a certain nifty appearance when viewed on an iPad.  I actually switched back to Coraline thinking Onswipe was still available.  Alas!  It was not.

Now, then…  Tonight I thought I’d dabble with the daily prompt from The Daily Post.  I do wish they’d just stick with one “daily” and not a “prompt” and a “post”.

When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is?

Harvey’s mind seems to be switched in the “on” position most of the time.  However, I think I do my best thinking at mass.  Did you expect little old Catholic me to say anything else?  Come on, now…  My mom reads this blog.  In all seriousness, I do think over a lot of things while praying the liturgy.  The only problem is that sometimes often the things racing through my mind are not prayerful thoughts.  Most often, I find that whatever song may have been on the radio when I got out of the car is stuck in my head.  A wise old priest once suggested I try to “bring even those seemingly insignificant things to prayer” with me and ask God to sanctify them.  I’ll admit, though, that it’s hard to prepare to receive our Eucharistic Lord while tracing over the lyrics to Copacabana.

Strange looking machines, but they help those of us with back "issues".

Strange looking machines, but they help those of us with back “issues”.

Lately I’ve been doing some thinking at the gym.  That’s right, friends, Harvey’s back into the fitness thing.  I just joined one of those 24 hour fitness clubs.  I won’t tell you the name (but I just did).  Mostly I’m riding the bike just trying to loosen up my spine.  I’ll deal with the heavy lifting later.  I’ll sit down on the bike and marvel at the people around me, wondering about their commitment level and how it might compare to mine.  I make up backstories about them.  “She has five kids, her husband left her, and the gym is her daily escape while her elderly mother keeps an eye on the sleeping children.”  “He was teased as a teenager and even though no one would ever mock his visible power today, he’s still the most insecure guy in any room.”  “Those two guys lost a bet to their wives.”  “I just saw that dude in the locker room.  Clearly he’s compensating.”

Then I start thinking about how I’ve come very close to the verge of judging these people I do not know.  I wonder what they think of me.  “That guy comes here every night and only rides the bike.  What’s his deal?”  “I bet he thinks he’s hot stuff but I’d like to see him try to dead lift like me.”  “Where’s his hair?”

Do you know what I do at this point?  I think about mass and the Eucharistic sacrifice and how I’m going to try to remember to pray for humility, endurance, good health.  How’s that working on for me (no pun intended)?  Let’s just say that I usually end up hitting the shower humming along to “She lost her youth and she lost her Tony, now she’s lost her mind!”

You know the rest…

5 responses to “Simply the Best, Or, Harvey Thinks

  1. I like your theme. I got tired of mine and started playing (and yes, only with the freebies. Can’t see paying for a theme that I may want to change later), but now not sure I like it. It’s not THAT different but yet it is. Anway…rambling. All that to say, if ya got a good thing, why change!

    And I’m having fun with this challenge, too. It seems to be forcing me to get out of my comfort zone. Seems you are, too. 😀

  2. If I think at the gym, I’ll probably fall off the eliptical. If I let my mind wander at church, I’ll miss switching to the next slide. (I run the PowerPoint for our service.)

    No thinking allowed for me. Wait… that doesn’t sound right.

  3. I do some of my best thinking at church too – I like to consider it divine intervention. 🙂

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