I’m A Stats Monster

I wanted to write “Stats Whore” but thought better of it

Take a look at this…


So what happened? I have my suspicions. For starters, WordPress changed the way they calculate stats. Second, I know I haven’t been the most faithful blogger. Also, the spike in numbers in February and March 2012, correspond to a series of blogs I wrote about my great-nephew being born prematurely and I believe the tags drove a lot of traffic to my site.

However, I will admit that I would kill a nun in full habit for those kind of numbers again.

That is one reason I truly look forward to the beginning of the year. Challenges issued by WordPress such as Postaday 2011, 2012, and now the Zero to Hero challenge always seem to attract new followers to this blog.

So, buoyed by this hope I will Press on. If any of you, my newfound followers and friends, have any suggestions about boosting stats please share them with me. Until next time, happy blogging!


4 responses to “I’m A Stats Monster

  1. Agree that, if reading from the Reader, we will go to the post itself rather than the box on the reader, by clicking “xxx more words” rather than the post title. It gives the page view to the writer.

    Post about the popular stuff. (This may be too great a price to pay.)

  2. I think with the changes in Reader, it’s hopeless to worry about page views among the wordpress community. The only numbers you will get from WP users is follows and likes. I guess you could mentally add that tally to the stats, if we want to assume that a like is an actual view.

    But if you want to see those numbers go up on the actual stats, then your blog has to be search engine friendly. I have three blogs, and I can tell you that the one that has the highest stats, it’s all about traffic from google.

    Or I hear that social media is good to, but I don’t have time to court an audience. I have an actual life :). But seriously, I’ve been with WP since 2005, and I can say without a doubt, it has really changed a lot. Mostly for the good. But when it comes to getting readers to your actual blog, not the Reader, it’s become nearly impossible among WP users, unless like Clare and I, they have made a personal resolution to actually go to the blog itself rather than just using the Reader.

  3. I have a similar “Stats Whore” in one of the blog a manage. completly understand you )))

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