Hey! Wanna’ Follow Me? Come On… I’ll Play Disco and Put on Some Coffee!

Today’s Zero to Hero challenge is to branch out and follow five new topics in the Reader.  OK.  To quote A Chorus Line “That I can do!”

Here we go…

  • New Jersey
  • Fatherhood
  • Libertarian
  • Lifehacks
  • Disco

Let’s see what these tags yield…

Now then, I have discovered through this process of searching tags and topics to add to the Reader that some of my own tags are rather sui generous.  For instance, a while back I started tagging things as “dad stuff” (actually a topic, not a tag; but that seems to make little difference when searching for tags to follow).  However if one enters “dad stuff” into the search bar the returns are almost exclusively my posts.  Therefore, I have learned that I might want to examine my use of tags.

Here’s the thing, I cannot promise I will follow you simply because you follow me.  I freely admit that I am a selfish blogger and I like to keep my Reader filled with only things that greatly interest me.  So, what I will do is to try my best to follow blogs that might be outside of my “Ooh, this is so freakin’ exciting!” realm and that might just stretch my mind a bit.

I urge everyone partaking in this Zero to Hero challenge to follow my blog if you like these tags:

  • Dad Stuff
  • Humor (generally and genuinely funny stuff)
  • Parenting (stories)
  • Prayer (requests for my prayer warriors)
  • Catholic Theology (authentic; not left/right)

If you have ever thought about any of these things and thing reading about them might interest you, then what are you waiting for?


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