What’s In My Name? Or As My Son Would Say: “Huh?”


For this second day of the Zero to Hero Challenge the task is to tinker around with our titles, tag lines, and “who is this guy” blurb.  Here is where I think it will be very exciting and beneficial to be part of this challenge.  Ready for it?


There, I said it.  I’m not proud.  I… I need you, fellow bloggers.  When I titled my blog I chose to incorporate my pseudonym into the title for some reason followed by an in-title tag followed by a secondary tag.  I guess I was thinking that people would see the name, be intrigued, and say “Hey, why aren’t I following this guy?”  So let me bring you in on some things in case “Harvey Millican” wasn’t enough to captivate your Bond-sensibility.

Not exactly Harvey.  Then again, neither am I. Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons (pd)

Not exactly Harvey. Then again, neither am I.
Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons (pd)

Harvey was the name of my cat when I was a boy.  Harvey was still my cat through my later childhood.  When I became a man Harvey was still with me.  It wasn’t until I went into grad school that old Harv’ finally went off to that padded scratching post in the sky.  Actually, he went into a shallow grave in my parents’ back yard only to be exposed a year later when they installed a pool after my dad retired.  Either way, even though he hated me (as all cats hate their human companions) I know deep down that he really only disliked me.  In going all cloak-and-dagger I wanted to honor his memory.  As a theologian I can tell you that this is about as good a tribute as he’ll get since he mortal animating principle was reduced to the potency of his lifeless matter many years ago.


Whatevs.  Ermalerd!  My teenage students have finally gotten the best of my vocal skills.  So, where’s the Millican from?  I’ll never tell!  Any of you.

Some of you may have read that last line in a sing-song-y type of voice like that freaky girl in that freaky horror movie.  I can’t remember the name so we’ll move on.

Bottom line, I have been pondering changing things up and making my title

Raising Your Kids Without Lowering Your IQ

And giving it a tag line of

Harvey Millican’s Battle for Sanity with the Insanity That Is His Kids.

Thoughts?  Also, what do you think of my “Welcome!” message?  I kind of like it. Another blogger gave me the idea a few years ago; but I’m always open to suggestions.  Is there a better place for it than the left column?  TELL ME!!!


9 responses to “What’s In My Name? Or As My Son Would Say: “Huh?”

  1. 1) Keep the welcome message as is where it is. I like it too. 2) New tag line is too bulky 3) I like the title the way it has been, but Raising Your Kids Without Lowering Your IQ by Harvey Millican could work, and you’d probably get more hits with people searching “raising your kids.”
    You asked for feedback, so there ya go!

  2. I am with Annie, keep your tagline, it works on so many levels. I also like your blurb on the sidebar. Bottom line? Don’t second-guess yourself. What you are doing is great!

  3. HM needs to stay in your title (blog name) in my humble opinion. It’s who you are, it’s catchy, it’s your brand, short and sweet. Everyone knows Harvey. (Well everyone but Freshly Pressed..yet) ouch!) I like your title as it is. And tag line. Why change a good thing? (My 2cents)

    And when are you going to get your domain: harveymillican.com? Get it from godaddy and if you need help setting it up/forwarding, I’m your girl.

  4. Oh…and your About Me widget rocks. Yes, I said, ” rocks.”

    If you feel the need for change, check out different themes/templates. I’m considering that myself.

  5. I like the “Raising Your Kids Without Lowering Your IQ” line — it caught my attention.

  6. Ya’ gotta keep the Harvey! I concur with Debbi. It’s part of your very unique brand.

  7. So, just for the record, I was pursuing all of the zerotohero tags and not really catching any of them, until your post “Harvey’s Mind is a Strange Place Indeed.” Maybe just because my Papa’s name was Harvey, I don’t know. And then I looked a bit upward at your blog title/tag, and frankly I was sold at “Raising Your Kids Without Lowering Your IQ.” So then I wandered about your site some more wherein you hooked with with various facts like “weebles” and “Catholic school teacher” and “witness to a murder” and other assorted fun facts, at which point I decided I really needed to follow you.

    All of which is to say, specifically, yes, your title and tag line have been successful!


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