Who Is Harvey Millican? (And Why You Should Follow Him Blindly)


Hello fellow bloggers and blog-readers!

I am Harvey Millican (not my real name) and I’ve been blogging at this spot ever since I parked here and owned it like it was mine some three and a half years ago.  I am excited to be part of this Zero to Hero Challenge!  Today I would like to take some time to (re-) introduce myself.

First, you might be asking why I don’t use my real name.  Simple.  I am a public figure and my writing reflects my private life and thoughts.  Before you get all “ooh, I wonder who this cat is…” I’ll tell you that by “public figure” I mean I am a high school teacher, a celebrity only in my own mind and the minds of about 150 teenagers.

I got into blogging before I knew I was actually blogging.  In the summer of 2008, when my infant son was but six weeks-old, my wife and I decided to take a cross-country road trip.  It’s a brilliant idea that I heartily recommend to anyone who might enjoy spending days on end in a Dodge Magnum with a newborn.  Actually, it really was fun.  In fact, it was so much fun that our family and friends demanded updates.  I complied the best way I knew how — by posting a series of “Notes” on Facebook.  I posted one note at the end of every day.  By the end of our six weeks on the great American asphalt I had compiled a neat little travel blog.  I continued to write notes every so often.  I had always known a thing or two about writing.  After college and grad school I had worked in television production and honed the art of written expression in a New York newsroom.  What I didn’t know was just how much fun writing could be for me when there was nothing to gain and nothing to lose.  This was me, expressing my thoughts, being creative on my own terms.  In short, writing short bursts of fun-ness became my hobby.

So, what ever became of my Facebook postings?  Well, in the summer of 2010, while visiting my in-law’s in Texas, my sister-in-law had shared some of my road trip journals with a friend of hers in the Fort Worth area.  That friend, the great Debbi of Photos and Facets, encouraged me to start writing a blog at her favorite blog site, WordPress.  Her exact words were “Dude, if you don’t start writing at WordPress I’m going to personally make your life a living…”  That’s a lie.  Debbi doesn’t talk like that; but you get the point.  So I quickly created an account, came up with a pseudonym, transferred over a number of those older posts through copy and paste, and christened Harvey Millican!  And the rest, as they say…

Actually, there was nothing historic about it.  That is, until January 1, 2011 when Debbi emailed me to ask if I was joining the Postaday Challenge.  From that moment on, this blog began to resemble something of more historic proportions.  Did I mention that I’m delusional?  In all seriousness, I posted almost every day in 2011; posted EVERY day in 2012; and almost every day in 2013.  All the while, I’ve taken my blog in slightly different directions.  I realized over time what my focus is.  In case you were wondering, I started this thing to write an account of a journey for my son and to this day I mainly write as an account of life’s journey for (now) both of my kids.  I write about mundane things we’ve done.  I write about exciting things we experience.  I write about pure fiction sometimes; though I’ve discovered that bizarre things just seem to happen in my general proximity so I don’t have to make up too much stuff.

In any event, that’s it.  This is me.  My life has gotten a bit busier since I started this whole thing.  I am now working on a second Master’s degree in school administration.  I even made up a dummy WP blog for a grad school project in school leadership last year.  I am excited about the prospect of becoming a “blogging principal” one day.  My kids will be excited to read about their younger selves one day.  My wife is excited that I have something productive to do most nights.  And you?  Hopefully, you will be excited to read a few of the things I have to write to you.

Thanks for listening!

3 responses to “Who Is Harvey Millican? (And Why You Should Follow Him Blindly)

  1. Dude, it’s a good thing you did or I’d have to make your life a living…

    (I plugged you in mine, too. Ha! Great minds think alike!)

  2. Always interesting. Will be sure to read each day. By the way thanks for the column on me. Love to be loved.

  3. I need to to thank you for this good read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it.
    I have got you book marked to look at new things you post…

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