2014. Am I Ready?

First a question.

How would you, the loyal readers of this blog, feel if I reversed my title and tagline?  In other words, what if this blog was called:

Raising Your Kids Without Lowering Your IQ
Harvey Millican

Or how about?…

Raising Your Kids Without Getting Too Tipsy
Harvey Millican Reports

Or even?…

Raising Kids Who Don’t Care
Harvey Drinky Winky

These chaps knew where it was at... way back in 1894! Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons (pd)

These chaps knew where it was at… way back in 1894!
Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons (pd)

I’m excited tonight.  Not only did my mother-in-law Wilma inform me that someone had given her the complete first season of The Love Boat (and you know I can’t get enough of my Charo) but I’m also eagerly awaiting the true kick-off of the WordPress “Zero-to-Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog” Challenge!  In anticipation, the good folks at WP (namely blogger Michelle W.) posted a preliminary prompt of sorts suggesting we bloggers should be comfortable with our titles and taglines.  I will listen because she seems to have a grasp on blogging with WordPress and she’s a fellow Jerseyan (Jerseyite?).  Even the best of us don’t know which form is correct.

You all know me too well to know that I am really fond of all of you.  You’ve given me great input over the years and stuck with me when times weren’t so great.  Remember when my father-in-law got me embroiled in a near-defamation suit with a major real estate and mall management company?  Remember the writers block that almost sank me in ’12?  Remember the Dutch Elm blight of 1917?  I know, right?  You’re loyal and I appreciate that.

Speaking of “over the years” I realized today that I have been with WordPress for three and a half years!  After the first few months I jumped into the very first “Postaday” challenge in January of 2011.  That’s when I met Wade.  It was Debbi who convinced me to switch to WordPress in the very beginning (thanks to our mutual friend and my sister-in-law, Kris).  2011 saw me post nearly every day until we moved from Virginia to Texas and our new wi-fi signal decided not to like me.  2012 saw me post every single day and then some!  I was proud of myself for accomplishing that goal.  2013?  Well, you recall that I more of less gave up posting-a-day around mid August and then sort of got back into it around early October.  What can I say?  I like the idea of the challenge but I’m exceedingly glad this one is only 30 days.

Bring.  It.  On.


4 responses to “2014. Am I Ready?

  1. Would you re-name your children? I like the title of the blog as it is now.
    (No matter what you decide, I shall remain a loyal reader!)

  2. Same as is. No doubt.

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