I am so loving this weather!  The icy breath of Mother Nature has blown across North Texas today.  I drove out to DFW and picked up my sister and niece.  We all went to Saturday evening mass (the Sunday vigil) because we weren’t sure what to expect weather-wise tomorrow.  Considering that none of these local towns seem to know what a plow is, let alone to own one, even the few inches of sleet being predicted could be treacherous.  As a result, yours truly will have the whole day tomorrow during which to catch up on his musings.

Anyone care to suggest some topics?  le.Rheims?  Debbi?  Kelly?  Annie?  I know you guys have some awesome stories you’re dying to hear.  Let me know…

In the meantime, I can’t waste this opportunity to continue to ask for prayers for Wilma.  Also, I’d like you to pray for a young man named Shawn Kuykendall.  He’s a former pro soccer player in the DC area who is going through a rough battle with thymic cancer.  I saw a viral video of his chemo treatments yesterday. Please pray.  He really needs it.  Perhaps consider fasting as well (just not on the solemnity of Christ the King — Sunday).

One response to “Brr…

  1. Please write a Ben and Rita post – I’m wondering how the violin and
    karate classes are coming along. Also looking forward to hearing
    about Mrs. Harvey’s Thanksgiving preparations – always unique and clever. Actually, I enjoy reading anything you write about, so muse away!
    Best wishes to Wilma and Happy Thanksgiving to your family!

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