Hunkering Down and Carrying On

Well, that was a success…  Remember this gem from about a week ago?

I’ll try to post more regularly over this next week so as to provide some pictorial proof of this visit.  When she and I get together we usually wind up with some “fun” pictures.

Clearly that didn’t go as planned.  I should add that the visit with my mom went exactly as planned and we all enjoyed the time tremendously.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before we all see each other again.  Now then, what in the world does “hunker” mean?  I’m assuming that’s the infinitive form.  OK, I know what it means from the context of that expression “to hunker (down)” but where did it come from?  It’s one of those words that just doesn’t fit into our everyday speech; only in semi-archaic expressions.  Whatever…  Here are some pics from the past week.

Now that one visitor has left, it’s time to get ready for another.  In nine days my sister and my niece will be here for the week of Thanksgiving!  We’re all very excited.  Hopefully my posting will be more frequent between now and then.  It’s kind of like going to the gym, writing.  When I was working out regularly I always worked off of this theory that doing anything was better than doing nothing.  Lately I’ve noticed that I need to get back into both.  So, whether it’s the Weebles or the daily prompts; I’m going to take my baby steps back into the world of more frequent posting.  And just like hitting the gym, it might be hard to find the energy to get there and do it but I always feel better when I’m done — except for that time when I put down the weights early one morning before work and hit the showers only to discover that the Columbian cleaning woman hadn’t actually finished her duties in the locker room.  That  was an interesting experience.  I don’t know Spanish so I patched together a few foreign words as best I could.  “Ay! Yo soy sum es in neccesarium, er, bano? Laudo laudas laudat!  Bonjour!  Get out!”


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