For a Chick with Cancer, She Sure Is Hard to Keep Up With!

You may recall that I spent last evening playing nurse to my dear mother-in-law Wilma.  “Playing” is about the size of it.  I have enormous respect for real nurses. Two of my sisters, a brother-in-law, and many friends of mine are RN’s.  They provide care and comfort to the thousands of patients they have treated over the years.  Truly, it is a noble calling and God will bless them all richly for their compassion.  That being said, there are moments in life when each of us is called by God to be His compassion to others in a special way.  God also blesses each of us with different gifts.  One might say that my gift is that I am not repulsed by sick people.  I inherited this bleeding heart thing from my mom, I think, and I seem to have the ability to sit with others and keep company, check on medicines, hold a hand when they are not able to do these things for themselves.  If you asked me, however, I would say that my gift is that I have been blessed to have Wilma to take care of.  Let me explain.

It is now two weeks after I first sat down to write this.  Hey, I never said that when I returned to blogging that I would be punctual.  The bottom line here is that we had


OK, so it’s now a few nights after I attempted that first update.  I am watching a “Best of” one of my favorite train wrecks TV shows 19 Kids and Counting.  Actually I love the Duggar family.  I will say this about the Duggar’s.  Michelle and Jim Bob are a couple who, like my own parents, certainly have a love for the gift of children and I heartily applaud them for their openness to life.  Tonight’s episode is recapping the courtship and wedding of the eldest Duggar boy.  I say boy because he looks like he’s 12.  The most disturbing thing about this very special special is the scene wherein the patriarch, Jim Bob, takes his just-post-adolescent son aside on the day before his wedding to have a man-to-man talk about the facts of life.  Clearly the Duggar family retain some kind of creative control over the show’s production.  Dad hands his son a set of DVD’s (not what you’re thinking) and says “Just take a look at these, son, and you’ll figure out everything you need to know.”  The son then proceeds to read off the chapter selections from the back of the DVD.  “The mechanics of proper sexual intercourse?” he says half-laughing, half puzzled.  And you just knew that the words sexual and intercourse were both bleeped out.  Because human reproduction in cold, clinical terms is so dirty…

So, why am I updating this tonight?  Well, as you know, I hate leaving my drafts to languish.  Better to finish them, I say, even if they don’t make any sense when all is said and done.  But the other reason is because I am going to be providing a series of updates in the coming days regarding Wilma’s cancer treatment and I wanted it to make some sense.  Basically, she has now undergone two rounds of chemo.  Praise God!  She is handling this with almost no sign of illness.  I have been fortunate that, as I mentioned, God has blessed me to be a caretaker of sorts.  On every chemo day — that’s what we’re calling them — my wife takes her mom to the actual chemo infusion.  Then, I come home from work, get changed, kiss my kids, and head over to Wilma’s house to spend the night in case she needs anything.  It’s a nice bonding time.  We get tore up on cheap margaritas and, oh wait, that was another time.  She usually gets me a big bag of my favorite snack — Fritos Scoops — with a compliment of onion dip and we watch some TV together before she heads off to bed.

Please, please, please continue to offer many prayers for her.  Stop right now.  I will continue to wait.  In the meantime, let’s just say that, feeling her oats, the old girl is as active as most women half her age.  I admire her resolve.  This is something to deal with and while she’s dealing with it she’s not going to let it stop her from living.  Her attitude is truly joyful and one that I wish to emulate.  So then, continue to pray and I will continue to keep you posted.

Meanwhile I must return to these  19 kids.  I just can’t keep my eyes off of this.  And, ooh, look!  The Little People are returning for another season!  Life really couldn’t get any better.

One response to “For a Chick with Cancer, She Sure Is Hard to Keep Up With!

  1. I enjoy the Duggars too! They are such a nice family and the parents are remarkably calm and joyful even though they have so many responsibilities! I am also deeply thankful that Wilma is doing so well.

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