Rain, Detours, the Kittens, and Me

Let it never be said that Dallas drivers know how to drive in rain. And what a glorious rain it was! You see, it’s not really their fault. We just don’t get that much of the wet stuff around these parts. I woke up at 5:30, got my coffee, and sat down to watch the morning news. I was greeted by two things. First, there was the sight of a twelve car pile up on the highway about a mile from my house. Fortunately, it would most likely be cleared by the time I would be entering that freeway. Second, and I don’t know how I missed this one, there was the sound of a steady, driving rain tapping onto the roof of my family room. Overhead it sounded like a crew of roofers hammering ten penny nails into a sheet of tin. And it was getting louder. My normal thirty minute commute to the other side of Dallas took over an hour. The culprit? This morning it was a single car, felled by a run-in with wet pavement. It had been driven right off the point where the six lanes of I-35E merge into a two lane ramp heading onto I-30. This gave me time to snap some pictures.




At last, my day progressed as I expected. It was a transition day between first and second quarter. That meant visits with my classes to the chapel. Three rosaries later, I was ready to head home. No really, in 8 hours of work, I prayed three rosaries. I’m still amazed that I could stretch a 15 minute prayer into 8 hours. I’m sure I taught something else. No matter, as I headed out the door, I noticed that the rain had picked up again. This time I decided to play it smart and avoid that trouble spot on I-30. I took a detour and drove right past a dubious locale in American history.

Recognize this famous landmark?

Perhaps now it rings a bell? Whatever, I’ll just give it to you. It’s Dealey Plaza

Finally, I made it home, then back out to mass, the to take my beautiful daughter (and her handsome big brother) to her piano lesson. After the most perfect fifteen minute of ivory-tickling ever tickled, my baby girl stood up, took a bow, and selected a sticker from her teacher. And do you know what she did with it? Well, take a look. Let it never be said that my kittens don’t know where their bread is buttered.

I swear I’m just missing the liver spots. Thanks iPhone camera.

One response to “Rain, Detours, the Kittens, and Me

  1. You did not have to give ME Dealey Plaza!

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