So… what now?

Suggestions for my blogging buddy Wade? We’re just happy he’s back at it. Write a transcript of the phone book if you want!

This Ordinary Citizen

Two years is a long time.

And it’s the blink of an eye.

So much has changed, and so much has remained the same in those two years. As a result, I know that this blog needs to change in some ways. But I also want it to keep some of its original identity.

For example, I’m now working in a political environment, although my current role is fairly apolitical. That means that I need to stay away from the political topics that I often post about, especially New York State politics. I guess that means that my blog’s tagline “A blog about politics and more” has to change. (“A blog about more”?) And where am I going to find an outlet for my snarky comments now?

Long term, I’ve got some thoughts for pushing this blog toward more posts about how ordinary citizens show us what it means to…

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