Still Trying to Get It Right: Mayor Booker, Twitter, Diapers, and My Sister

The tweet heard 'round the Brick City

The tweet heard ’round the Brick City

A few years ago, I inadvertently started a bit of a social media phenomena of sorts when I tweeted a picture of Newark (NJ) mayor Cory Booker delivering diapers to my snow-bound sister back home in the Brick City.  I was living in Virginia at the time and shocked to hear that, two days after a major storm had hit New Jersey, the streets of Newark still were not plowed.  Having grown up there I knew that this was not normal.  I asked my sister if I could tweet the mayor.  I had been using Twitter on and off for about a year at that point.  Long story short: within a half-hour, Booker was in her living room making a delivery.  She snapped a pic and sent it to me.  I tweeted it out and later that evening that very picture with the accompanying story of how heroic the mayor had been was all over the national news.  My original account can be found here.

Now hizzoner is running for US Senate and it seems that some in the media are finally doing their job and actually asking questions.  Check out this splash on the NY Post’s website.  It seems that aspect of my original post (wherein I mentioned that Booker was a very nice man but an inefficient mayor) is getting the long-overdue mention it deserves.


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