Cancer Is A…

Several years ago, at the first school where I taught, a coworker and I were discussing how crazy some of our students were.  My friend related to me a story about a conversation in one of her classes.  She taught English and had only seniors.  The class was discussing, of all things, cancer.  Several students offered their take on the dread disease and its impact on the lives of people they had known.  Then there was a brief silence.  It seemed time to move on.  Just as my friend was about to open her mouth with her next topic a hand went up in the back of the room.  It seems one young man had spent the ten minutes while everyone else was talking just formulating his thoughts.  Now he was ready at last to share his observation.  “You know, Miss Harnett (even though she hadn’t used her maiden name in some time), Miss Harnett…  Cancer is a real motherf@(%er.”  Truer words have yet to be spoken.

About two weeks ago my dear mother-in-law Wilma, frequent subject of this blog due to her charm, wit, and unbounded love for her children and grandchildren, received a diagnosis of breast cancer.  I really hate cancer.  God that sounded stupid.  Come to think of it I’ve never met a person who loves cancer.  Anyway, she (along with my wife and the rest of the family) have spent the past few weeks being as supportive as we can be while assisting Wilma in navigating through this mess.

The main reason I have decided to share this whole story with you (and to continue to share this as we move forward) is simply this.  We want your prayers. So, every time you read an entry about this then stop and say a Hail Mary, a Memorare, an Our Father, something…  Wilma thanks you and so do I.  For my part I want to continue to have the same wonderful relationship I have always had with my mother-in-law.  We always seem to be able to make each other laugh at the most bizarre things and we both enjoy a really good margarita.  It’s a good thing I seem to possess a decent sense of humor and good bar tending skills.

So there you have it.  Fun, huh?  Cancer really is a mother.  Fortunately, I know my mother-in-law is stronger.  Stay tuned…


2 responses to “Cancer Is A…

  1. Joining you in prayer that all will be well.

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