It’s All I Got (Tonight Anyway)

Fort Worth!

Fort Worth!

Trying to avoid the pitfalls of going days without posting…  So I’ll keep it pretty brief.  Today, Sunday, we got up and went to mass. We’re Catholic.  It’s kind of what we do.  We drove over to Fort Worth.  Have I mentioned how much I really like Fort Worth?  My wife even asked as we drove around “Why don’t we live here?”  It seems to have everything Dallas lacks, namely a vibrant downtown.  We went to their cathedral.  It is always a beautiful place.  Afterwards, with my niece visiting, we drove over to the Fort Worth Museum of Science History.  We decided to become members because the benefits were pretty nice.  For instance, we can bring 8 people to a handful of museums around the region (and the country) for free on this pass AND it includes 40 Imax passes per year.  We really enjoyed our visit to this place; but we’re looking forward to visiting one of those other museums on the list — the National Cowgirl History Museum, right across the plaza.  Anyway, other than Baby Girl throwing a fit (and actually throwing up a bunch of Twizzlers from her Imax experience) at the end of the day, all was beautiful.  Life is beautiful.  And after a beautiful dinner at Wilma’s house I came home and accomplished a week’s worth of school work in an hour.  Now, it’s off to bed to dream about the week ahead.


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