Swedish Furniture



What is it about Ikea?  Trips to Ikea are adventures (even if you live near one) and assembling their furniture is an even bigger adventure!  In a few days I will post an update to what this means.  For the moment, though, let’s just say I had quite the day venturing to the big blue box.  I returned a bunch of stuff, my son got to play in Smalland (some Swedish variant on a playground), and then I picked up about $600 worth of pre-packaged, ready-to-assemble bookcases.  I then proceeded to put said bookcases together.  It’s all part of our home remodel.  The instructions with their Swedish stick figures always make me laugh…  Again, it’s all coming together nicely.  Oh, and for the record, if I never see packaging with the likes of “Extorp”, “Flurstrom”, or “BilgenBaagen” again, it will be too soon.


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